Mrs. Jensen's Chemistry Class

March 23 & 24, 2017

You missed the Endothermic and exothermic graphic organizer AND graphic organizer endothermic and exothermic  page 2… Make sure you print out ALL pages of the assignment, and turn it in next class.

pg. 535-541 chem talk  (you will need this chem talk for your Cornell Notes)

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March 22, 2017

You need to fill in the COOKING SHOW NOTES . Additionally, you need ton know who is going to be in your group for your cooking show.

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March 20 & 21, 2017

You missed the Chapter 7 act 1 and 2 quiz .  Make sure you absence is excused and see me on an off period or lunch to make the quiz up.  You have until Thursday 3/23 by 3pm to make it up.

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March 17, 2017

You missed the Calorimetry Problems worksheet.  Please print and complete the entire worksheet by the next class.

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March 17, 2017

Print out the Calorimetry worksheet and complete it for next class.  Make sure your absences are excused please.

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March 15 & 16, 2017

We finished the specific heat lab.  You need to complete the calculations using your lab data and write the conclusion (on your own sheet of paper).


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March 13 & 14, 2017

You missed the Specific Heat Lab, you will need to come in and see me during an off period or lunch to make this lab up.  Q=mcT worksheet will become permanent zeros as of Friday 3/17 by 3pm.

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March 10, 2017

We finished the Heat Transfer Lab today and questions 1-6 on pg. 518. (see the post from 3/7 for the book/questions).


We also continued working on the Q = mcT worksheet from yesterday. (check my last post if you need the worksheet)

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March 8 & 9, 2017

Go through the Q=mcT power point and take notes in your notebook.  Add the words “heat” and “temperature” to your green cooking show note paper as well as your glossary in your notebook.


Watch the tutorial on Q=mcT and take notes in your notebook:

Print out the Q=mcT wks (no help) OR Q=mcT wks 2017 w/HELP and fill in Q =, m=, c= and T= for questions 1-11 and totally complete the math for any 4 problems.  Bring the worksheet back next class.

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March 6 & 7, 2017

Read the chem talk pg. 514-518 and answer the checking up questions 1-6 on pg. 518 in complete sentences.

In your OWN words, define conduction, convection and radiation, you must include a picture for each of your definitions. (add these words to your glossary in your notebook)

If I gave you 3 ice cubes, describe how you would melt each one using conduction, convection AND radiation.

Think about your culture, give me an example of cooking using conduction, convection AND radiation.

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