Mrs. Jensen's Chemistry Class

April 26 & 27, 2017

You missed the battery lecture today.  Please copy the notes from the battery half rxns power point.

You need to answer all the questions within the power point.

Print out the Redox Worksheet and complete part 1 and 2 ONLY.  Bring it back next class period.

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April 24 & 25, 2017


COOKING SHOW DAY!!!!!!!!  Make sure you have your written script, your cooking “white” notes sheet and all your groups green papers.  Make sure you have EVERYTHING you need for your show……

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April 21, 2017

You will need to see me on an off period or at lunch to make up Part A of the battery lab.  Read the chem talk on pg. 356-358.   Answer checking up 1-7 on pg. 358.

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Everything you need for your cooking show….

COOKING SHOW (script help)


cooking show rubric

*****Make sure you have a written script****

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April 19 & 20, 2017

You missed the Cooking Chemistry Test today.  You have until April 26 by 3pm to take the test at lunch or an off period.  Make sure you absence is excused through the attendance office (720) 423-4354 or you will receive zero credit for the test.

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April 17 & 18, 2017

We finished the conclusion for the Insulation design lab …it needs to be on a separate sheet of paper, NOT on the back of your lab paper.

We reviewed for the cooking chemistry test today.  Please print out the Chapter 7 – Cookin’ Chem Review Sheet 2017 and complete it.

We also reviewed Q = mcHf and Q = mcHv calculations.  Print out Q=mHv and Q=mHf worksheet and complete it.  If you need the power point notes or need to watch a tutorial, check out my post on April 6 & 7.

Test will be Wednesday 4/19 for periods 1, 5, & 7.  Test will be Thursday 4/20 for periods 4 & 6.

Cooking shows will be presented Monday 4/24 for periods 1, 5, & 7…..Tuesday 4/25 for period 4 & 6.

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April 14, 2017

You need to fill in the COOKING SHOW NOTES . Additionally, you need ton know who is going to be in your group for your cooking show.

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April 10 & 11, 2017

You missed the Insulation Lab today….you will need to go to the Insulation Virtual Lab web site and complete the “lab” by following the directions as well as answering the analysis questions in complete sentences.  Fill out the insulation virtual lab sheet as you go through the lab.  You will need a computer with Internet to complete this activity.


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April 6 & 7, 2017

We completed Q=mHv and Hf wks 2017

As well as the Grapic organizer endo and exo AND graphic organizer endo and exo pg 2 needs to be completed

Your green COOKING SHOW NOTES need to be completed as well.

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April 4 & 5, 2017

We learned how to calculate Q = mHf and Q = mHv.

Watch the following tutorial and take notes in your notebook.

Copy the Q=mHv and Hf power point 2017 into your notebook and do all the practice problems.


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